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Stephan A. Frabartolo

Stephan A. Frabartolo
Occupation Author
User name on Sarna BTW Frabby
BattleTech forum handle Frabby

Stephan A. Frabartolo is the pen name of User:Frabby. The first name is often misspelled Stephen.

The surname, Frabartolo, is taken from the name he adopted as his alias for computer games the early 1980s, especially for characters in roleplaying games like the Ultima and Bard's Tale series. It was naturally also the name of his first tabletop RPG character. Friends abbreviated it to "Frabby", which has since become his primary online handle in the internet era.

An avid BattleTech player throughout the 1990s, Stephan Frabartolo came back to BattleTech in 2007 and joined BattleCorps in 2009. Subsequently, he authored a number of BattleTech stories that were published by BattleCorps, inducting them into BattleTech canon.

In December of 2012 he was invited into CGL's factchecker team. The first product to be released where he had contributed in that capacity was Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex Revised.
He also served as a factchecker for the German BattleTech novel Gier.


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