Stiletto (StarDrive)

This article is about the apocryphal ultralight BattleMech. For the light STO-series BattleMech, see Stiletto.
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Stiletto (StarDrive)
Production information
Manufacturer Alshain Weapons
Production Year 2473
Model STL-7D
Class Ultralight
Cost 979,398
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 15 tons
Chassis Alshain 22-Lifter
Armor Maximilian 20
Engine DAV 90
Communications System Obanishi OB1 "Knobby"
Speed 90.4 {sic} km/h
Jump Jets none

1x SRM-4
1x Small laser

BV (1.0)  ?
BV (2.0)  ?


Designed in the Draconis Combine in response to the Lyran Commonwealth's Commando (but typically used in a light scout role instead), the Stiletto entered production in 2473 and has been in continous small-scale production since. As of ca. 3025, several dozen are produced annually at Alshain and Al Na'ir each.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Effectively a lighter Commando, the Stiletto mimics its weapons loadout on a smaller scale, sporting a Telos Four-Shot SRM-4 and a Magna Mk I small laser.


None known.


The Stiletto was only ever described in StarDrive. Since this magazine is not currently counted among the canonical sources for BattleTech, the 'Mech itself is not currently considered canonical either.


  • The maximum ground speed given for this 'Mech is slightly lower than normal for its mass and engine rating (90.4 instead of 97.2 kph), but this has no impact on its game stats. Fluff-wise, it is noted that it is slightly slower than the Commando which has the same movement rating for its boardgame stats.
  • Although no proper Design Quirks are given for the design (Quirk rules having been published more than twenty years later), the Stiletto is noted for its cramped cockpit, its low maintenance requirements, and a cramped internal strucure that increases the required time to repair most internal components by 25%.
  • According to the BattleCorps story Feather versus Mountain, 'Mechs below 20 tons are not considered proper BattleMechs in the Draconis Combine.
  • Not to be confused with the light STO-series BattleMech (see Stiletto)