Vessel Profile


The Tammuz was a Union-class DropShip[1] that arrived on Kore on 11 April 3060. Thought to be a corporate freighter DropShip of the Alfin Corporation who maintained the mining operation on Kore, it turned out to be controlled by Susie Morgraine-Ryan and her pirate band (initially disguised as Clan forces). They occupied the mining settlement in short order to search for a hidden cache of Clan 'Mechs, but a local MechWarrior stumbled across the cache first and used its contents to fight off the pirates. Susie Morgraine-Ryan and the remains of her force left aboard the Tammuz some two weeks later.

Upon landing on Kore the ship was observed to be in a battered state, with its armor dented and pitted from micrometeorites and debris and the paint patched and scuffed.


  1. name and class confirmed in the epigraph of the book's penultimate chapter; the Tammuz was really a Union and did not use a forged identity