The Swan's Eye

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Swan's Eye
System Information
X:Y Coordinates 640.868 : -617.092[e]

The Swan's Eye (also known as the M39 Open Cluster and The Swan's Eyes) is a star cluster located in the spinward Deep Periphery.[1][2]

System Description[edit]

The Swan's Eye is a significant astronomical feature in the spinward Deep Periphery. Located almost 890 light-years from Terra and approximately 370 light-years beyond Great Gorge, the cluster is perched on the rimward edge of the Orion Rift, on the border of the Deep Periphery's rimward sector. The location of the Swan's Eye was released by Interstellar Expeditions on charts in 3095.[1][3][2]

The cluster is between 2 and 3 hundred million years old, with plenty planets, though most are limited to life still in the single cell stage of evolutionary development.[3]


  • The Swan's Eye, also known as Messier 39 or the M-39 Open Cluster, is a real-world astronomical feature associated with the constellation known as the Swan, aka Cygnus. See also Cygnus (disambiguation).


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