Tracy Melbourne

Tracy Melbourne

Tracy Melbourne was a media pundit who was a regular panelist on the roundtable discussion broadcast show, Inner Sphere Conspiracies: Truth or Myth, from at least 3077 to 3079.[1][2]

Personal Appearance[edit]

Melbourne was, in the late 3070s, a brutish looking women who tended to wear paramilitary styled clothes.[1][2]


Melbourne was a regular panelist on Inner Sphere Conspiracies: Truth or Myth, a broadcast show which discussed snippets of intelligence and rumor regarding events during the Jihad, in a roundtable format hosted by Viktor Chandler. The 27 September 3077 episode, featuring Melbourne, Antoine Schlessinger and Jessica Cynella, focused on the recent failed assault by Stone's Coalition on Chara, which had suffered heavy losses due to the Word of Blake unexpectedly having a Space Defense System. The panel members, including Melbourne, indicated their belief that the failed assault was caused by faulty intelligence provided by Tempest Stryker whose true loyalties they then debated.[1]

On the 12 January 3079 episode, also featuring the same panel members, the show addressed the destruction of Hilton Head Island during Operation SCOUR. The various pundits advanced different theories, including a kamikaze WarShip (Melbourne's theory), a laser fired from Luna, or the detonation of Hilton Head’s subterranean nuclear weapons stockpile.[2]


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