Hello Sailor! I am 2ndshot and a new member here I've been here. Ask me questions on my Talk Page.

My Motto[edit]

“Pew Pew Pew”


I started playing Battletech in the 1980s with the paper stands. Play in those days was 45 minutes of Mech design followed by two hours of dice rolling and filling in bubble sheets. There were some broken designs in those days. It is a welcome sight to see the new AGOAC feature a tight rule book again. My wish would be for a 3D artist to design a 36 sided dice for the Battletech hit location tables.

Preferred Factions[edit]

My spirit mech is a Warhammer. No, wait The BattleMaster! I am a fan of the Unseen designs but have taken a shine to new redesigns. Factions are House Davion, House Steiner, Wolf’s Dragoon’s, Black Widow Company.

Why I'm Here[edit]

I have been a casual user of this site. I have found it useful to get this information readily available in one place. I would like to be able to submit edits for accuracy or suggest changes. I can look up information in the new hardback and old box set rule books but am weak on the lore.