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The PPC Overcharger is currently a working-name, and as such may be subject to change if a more suitable name appears.


The PPC Overcharger combined the principles used to make the ER PPC and the PPC Capacitor, producing an add-on for any PPC to increase its maximum range at the cost of increased heat and minimum range. Although the minimum range can be negated by disabling the field inhibitors, doing so can prove to be more damaging than doing so on a PPC without the Overcharger.

Associated Rules[edit]

The PPC Overcharger works in a similiar way to the PPC Capacitor. It has to be charged the turn before it fires, producing 5 heat while doing so. Firing the PPC while the Overcharger is charged produces an additional 5 heat as well. The minimum range of the associated PPC is increased by 3 hexes, creating a minimum range if none existed before. As the result, the maximum range of the associated PPC is increased by 3 hexes. If the pilot disables the field inhibitor then increase the ranges to avoid feedback as following:

  • 1-2 Hexes: 10+
  • 3-4 Hexes: 6+
  • 5-6 Hexes: 3+

Just like the Capacitor, the Overcharger is extremely volatile when charged, and, when the PPC or Overcharger is struck by a critical hit, they violently explode, inflicting damage equal to 5+ the PPC's damage (add an additional +5 if a Capacitor is charged) directly to the inner structure of the location containing the PPC, treated exactly as exploding ammunition.

Channeling such a massive amount of energy though a weapon not designed to handle it creates the risk of overloading the weapon. When firing the PPC while using the Overcharger, if the to-hit roll is 2, then the weapon overloads and its circuitry burn out. The shot is resolved normally, but the weapon suffers one critical hit to one of its slots and is considdered destroyed. If a PPC Capacitor is used at the same time, the roll required is increase to 3.