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Hi my name is David, but you can call me Pharn:(Farn). I'll help where and when i can i do most of my editing on Forgotten Realms pages, as the material is close at hand. Let's see i work for Home Depot, go to college, and I live in New Jersey, which if you don't know is located in the United States.

Favorite Mechs[edit]

In my opinion any good or at least semi-contributor should at least list either their favorite Mechs, or state their lances:


Longbow MWDA Longbow.jpg Oh my god let me count the ways to destroy you. LRMs SRMs and LRLs, obviously clan weapons, then boom, done your dead.

Catapult Catapult Colour.jpg When the Longbow isn't "made" or availible the Catapult is the next best thing.


Total lance Tonage: 325 / 285


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