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Find all references to year 3093 - One link per entry (See Years Policy)


  • October 3: Interstellar Expeditions DropShip Cousteau is destroyed in the Periphery by Clan Ghost Bear naval forces.
  • Joint Republic of the Sphere and Draconis Combine task force eliminates Black Dragon warriors who had been raiding the Republic.




  • Clan Diamond Shark introduces the Koshi Standard BattleMech.
  • Imstar Aerospace introduces the Red Kite Attack VTOL.
  • MGL-T2 Mongrel enters production in Lyran Commonwealth and Ghost Bear Dominion.
  • Michaelson Heavy Industries introduces the Bishop Transport VTOL.
  • Pixiu Heavy Tank enters production in the Capellan Confederation.
  • Donovan-Miter begins to produces the Shackleton AESV explorer vehicle exclusively for Interstellar Expeditions and Republic of the Sphere.