Bishop (Combat Vehicle)

This article is about the transport VTOL. For other uses, see Bishop.
Bishop Transport VTOL
Production information
Manufacturer Michaelson Heavy Industries[1]
Use Cargo Transport[1]
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Chassis Type (Size) VTOL (Large)[1]
Equipment Rating
Technical specifications
Mass 45 tons[1]
Speed 75 km/h[1]
Top Speed 118 km/h[1]
Power Plant Michaelson Fuel Cell[1]
Fuel (Type/Range) 740 km[1]
Communications System Garret Supremesound[1]
Targeting Tracking System None[1]
Armament None[1]
Armor StarSlab Civic 8[1]
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 8
Crew 2 enlisted/non-rated[1]
BV (2.0) 190[1]


Introduced to the market by Michaelson Heavy Industries in 3093, the Bishop Transport VTOL was a notable success with the Republic Armed Forces. By 3118 demand for the Bishop had reached the point that Michaelson's plant on Ruchbah was no longer enough; Michaelson opened a second production line located on June, capital of the Periphery March in the Federated Suns. Even with both facilities producing the Bishop a three-year backlog of orders existed in 3145.[1]

Powered by a Michaelson Fuel Engine, the key to the Bishop's stability and lifting power was the propulsion system, which consisted of four self-contained pods that generated a powerful enough thrust to propel the Bishop at speeds of almost 120 km/h. The four pods used turbo-prop induction fans in dual rotor arrangements and could rotate in any direction along the Bishop's centerline as well as increasing the Bishop's stability during adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the Environmental Sealing Chassis Modification the Bishop saw use on numerous worlds, and could remain in operation at top speed for more than six hours.[1]

The Bishop is capable of lifting containers of many different shapes and designs thanks to the advanced system of grapples and harnesses used in the design; the system was so flexible that on the planet Mermentau companies harvesting giant squid would wrangle their squid directly into containers suspended from Bishops. The Bishop could transport up to ten tons of cargo and was protected by two tons of BAR 8 StarSlab Civic 8 armor.[1]


The Bishop was unarmed.[1]


No variants of the Bishop had been introduced to service by 3145.[1]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Bishop was subject to the following Design Quirks:[1]



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