Amanda Amaris

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Amanda Amaris
Character Profile
Died 2620
Affiliation House Amaris
Position President[1]
Profession Noble
Parents Richard Amaris (father)
Siblings Jeffrey Amaris
Children Selanta Amaris

Amanda Amaris was the second President of the Rim Worlds Republic.


Upon being sworn in as president in 2619 following the death of her father, Amanda pledged to restore democratic elections to the Republic no later than 2621. The following year a botched palace coup by Amanda's cousin Willard Amaris left both of them dead. Her reforms would be carried through by her brother Jeffrey in 2622, who succeeded her as the Republic's third president.[1]

When Jeffrey Amaris developed a serious dislike for statecraft, he resigned from office and appointed Amanda's baby daughter Selanta as the next president when she came of age, with a triumvirate of Protectors managing affairs until her nineteenth birthday.[1]


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