Amaris Empire

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Amaris Empire
State Profile
Founding Year 2766
Dissolution year: 2780
Capital world: Terra
Controlled system(s): 103
Head of State Dictator

The Amaris Empire was the name given to the short-lived empire of Stefan Amaris after Operation APOTHEOSIS.


The Amaris Empire was the realization of Stefan's great ambitions. Viewing all the Inner Sphere, and specifically the Star League, as oppressor states who were crushing the Periphery states, Stefan planned a military coup to overthrow the League leadership and take the power. The death of First Lord Simon Cameron in 2751 was his opportunity. The First Lord's death, apparently an accident, later was discovered to be a murder, but it remains unknown if it was the work of Stefan or not. In any case, Stefan approached Richard Cameron, the young successor of Simon, winning his trust, murdering him, all his family and anyone loyal to the Camerons. The Amaris Coup was a great initial success, conquering all worlds of the Terran Hegemony. Since Richard's death, Amaris took his place, becoming, theoretically, the new leader of the Star League, governing all Inner Sphere space. However, Aleksandr Kerensky, leader of the SLDF, refused to obey Stefan's orders, and began a war against Amaris and his loyalists. The Great House leaders refused too, with the exception of the leader of House Kurita, who cooperated (passively) with him, but only for the protection of a hostage of his family. All this made the Amaris Empire limited to the Rim Worlds Republic Space, and the Terran Hegemony Worlds they controlled. And the Empire begun to reduce quickly: Kerensky's forces conquered the Rim Worlds Republic, destroying it as a state, by 2769, and later turned to the hegemony, liberating world after world. By 2779, the SLDF liberated Terra, putting an end to the empire's existence.


The Amaris Civil War was the end of the Terran Hegemony, Rim World Republic and Star League, marking the Exodus and the beginning of the Succession Wars.[1]


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