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About Me[edit]

I am Deadfire, also known as DeadfirePrime. You can sometimes find me streaming on Twitch answering lore questions when I am playing games, tweeting funny BT related things on Twitter or hanging about in Discord by using the user Deadfire. I've been a fan of Battletech since 1992, and I was turned into a lore fanatic via my first sourcebook (Funny enough it was Field Manual: ComStar).

My Role on Sarna[edit]

As the Senior Editor for Templates and Automation I have the following responsibilities:

  • Design, develop, create and modify Sarna's mediawiki templates (and modules) using wiki markup, HTML5, CSS3 and LUA.
  • Work with Sarna Admins and other Senior editors to understand template needs and the data that is needed to be shown/recorded.
  • Adding infobox template field information to our Semantic/Automation suite (as needed).
  • Importing existing templates and modules from other MediaWiki sites and adapt them for Sarna's use.
  • Create, Manage, and work with Portals (Portals serve as enhanced "main pages" for specific broad subjects).
  • Assist the Sarna Admins with category functions of Sarna (related to Sarna's "Soft-divide".)

Additionally I work with the wiki's various Mediawiki extensions such as:

    • Extension:TemplateStyles (an extension that allows to specify that a stylesheet should be loaded from a wiki page, allowing the template to have custom styles without having to modify the site's main CSS file).
    • Extension:TemplateData (an extension that provides the information about templates).
    • Extension:TemplateWizard (an extension that adds a popup dialog box for adding template code to wikitext).
    • Extension:WikiEditor (an extension that provides the editing toolbar).
    • Extension:Semantic MediaWiki & it's sub-extensions (an extension that lets you store and query data with­in the wiki's pages).
    • Extension: Page Forms (an extension allows you to have forms for creating and editing pages on your wiki, as well as for querying data, all without any programming).
    • Extension:Lingo (a glossary extension. It lets you define a list of abbreviations and their definitions on a page and then displays these definitions whenever an abbreviation is hovered over in an article).
    • Extension:AbuseFilter (an extension that allows privileged users to set specific actions to be taken when actions by users, such as edits, match certain criteria).

To sum, my responsibilities are to identify the needs of the BattleTechWiki (and it's users) in regards to:

  • Creation, modification, automation, and documentation of it's MediaWiki templates.
  • MediaWiki extensions and other MediaWiki functionality.
  • MediaWiki presentation and stylization of its contents.

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How to change Sarna's Appearance (or skin) and using Dark Mode[edit]

Sarna Dark Mode.png

To change skins you need to be logged in and go to the Appearance Tab in your Preferences. From there you can select one of the installed skins (the default is "SarnaAdSense" changing from that will remove the google ads).

If you wish for a dark theme for Sarna that works with any of the skins and doesn't change anything (Other than have a toggle between the two modes) You can copy my custom common.css and common.js and where it says "Shared CSS/JSON/JavaScript for all skins:" and use the links under that (Custom CSS | Custom JavaScript) to paste my custom code in. For best results change your skin first to one that is not the default (As much as the changes do work with the "SarnaAdSense" skin, the ads may make things not render correctly)

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