Crucis Pact


Signed in 2317, the Crucis Pact was the treaty signed after a conference of leaders from 23 worlds within the Crucis Reach resulted in 20 of those worlds agreeing to membership of a mutual defense and trade union known as the Federated Suns. The author of the Crucis Pact was Lucien Davion, who became first President of Federated Suns; he had campaigned and conducted a tour of neighboring worlds in the years prior to its signing, motivated by the formation of the Terran Hegemony in 2314 and the threat it posed to the independence of the worlds throughout the Crucis Reach and the prospect of interstellar war.[1]

The twenty worlds that signed the Crucis Pact were:[2]

Our one world cannot stand alone any longer; we must reach out, forge new bonds, and seek friends among the stars, so that our children can stay strong and free.
  — Lucien Davion, in a speech in support of the Crucis Pact, 2317


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