Gabriella Bailey

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Gabriella Bailey



In 2721 Gabriella Bailey was a student at Tharkad University and friend of Aleksandr Kerensky. The two shared one or more classes together, including a Poli-Sci class taught by Professor Weldon Kleppinger. Gabriella asked Aleksandr to be her date for the University spring reception, a formal event in which cadets from the Nagelring Academy were hosted; the largest social event of the year, the spring reception attendees traditionally included the Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth. This attracted the ire of Elias Luvon, a Nagelring First-Cadet.[1]

Luvon and a number of associates had been bullying and abusing Kerensky for at least two years, often to the such an extent that Aleksandr required medical attention. In the weeks prior to Gabriella asking Aleksandr to be her date, Aleksandr had collapsed next to her during a lecture thanks to a subcranial bleed caused by an assault by Luvon. Luvon had also asked Gabriella to be his date for the spring reception, and been rejected. When an attempt to frame Aleksandr for cheating in exams failed, Luvon and several accomplices assaulted Aleksandr as he walked with Gabriella through the ice sculptures in the garden outside the spring reception.[1]

In addition to physically assaulting Aleksandr, Luvon threatened to spread rumors that Aleksandr had sexually assaulted Gabriella in the garden, relying on the support of his accomplices to outweigh the testimony of Aleksandr and Gabriella. Enraged, Aleksandr struck back physically against Luvon for the first time in more than two years of abuse, knocking him down; by chance, Luvon ended up impaled on one half of his own broken dress saber. Aleksandr was exonerated as a result of the testimony of one of Luvon's accomplices, Patrick Ward - the only accomplice to give an honest testimony, and the only one not expelled from the Nagelring following the attack - but Aleksandr's horror at his own uncontrolled reaction led to him accepting an offer to train at the Nagelring. Memories of the incident caused Gabriella to end the budding romance with Aleksandr.[1]

Gabriella is described as having brown hair "ironed straight" and hazel eyes with green flecks.[1]


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