Heavy Tracked APC

Heavy Tracked APC
Production information
Manufacturer Quikscell Company
Production Year"Early Spaceflight Era" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation. Early Spaceflight Era[2]
Mission Infantry Transport
Type Tracked
Cost 130,600 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 20
Armor Standard
Engine Generic 100 internal combustion engine
Speed 86.4 km/h
Communications System Various
Targeting Tracking System Various
Heat Sinks 0

2x Machine Gun

BV (1.0) 77
BV (2.0) 206[3]


Armies have used armored personnel carriers (APCs) for centuries to transport troops to the front lines, which continues even in the era of battle armor. The Heavy Tracked APC is a larger version of its standard counterpart able to carry two full platoons of Foot Infantry or one platoon of either Motorized or Jump Infantry.[4]

While the more common 10-ton Tracked APC is 10 km/h faster, it can carry only a single squad of infantry. In order for an entire platoon to be deployed at a target location, a single platoon must be spread across a lance of four APCs, forcing the APCs to stay in tight formation for the insertion. The heavy model is twice as large as standard APCs and is designed to carry two full platoons of foot troopers along with their gear. This improved capacity, in addition to a ton more armor protection, makes heavy APCs the preference of commanders who can obtain them with the majority used by the Federated Commonwealth Regimental Combat Teams.[4]

Weapons and Equipment

No more a fighting vehicle than its "standard" counterpart, the Heavy Tracked APC carries only two front-mounted Machine Guns supplied by half a ton of ammunition each. The lack of a turret makes the APC particularly vulnerable to flanking or attacks from the rear, but most can successfully unload their troops before an enemy gets in position to launch such an attack.[4]


  • LRM 
    The LRM variant of the APC was introduced in the Star League era. An LRM 5 launcher is added and its 24 rounds of ammunition take up three tons of the vehicle's original six ton infantry bay capacities. BV (2.0) = 276[5]
  • MG 
    This an anti-infantry version of the APC, which was introduced during the Star League era. The infantry bay is reduced to 3 ton capacity, while 4 more Machine Guns are added to the vehicle. A single Machine Gun is added to right and left sides, while rear is given two. The vehicle's ammunition capacity is increased to 300 rounds. BV (2.0) = 228[6]
  • SRM 
    Similar to the LRM variant, this Star League era version retains its front-mounted Machine Guns but loses three tons of its Infantry Bay capacity to equip a front-mounted SRM-4 with 25 rounds of ammunition. BV (2.0) = 266[7]

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