Javier Torvald

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Javier Torvald
Affiliation Torvald family

Javier Torvald (b. ???? - d. ????) was a member of the Torvald family in the Thirty-first century.[1]


Following the death of Magda Torvald and her sister during the assassination of Jon Jespersen, Patriarch of the Jespersen family of the Jàrnfòlk, a feud erupted between the Jespersen and Torvald families. The assassin - Jon's son Magnus - was absolved of blame for the deaths of Magda and her sister (the assassination of Jon himself being considered legal) through the legal machinations of his brother, Peter. Peter's legal conniving saw him earn a number of Death Marks in his own right, but it was Javier who was ultimately responsible for ending the feud between the families.[1]

Jon was killed in 3073, and later that year Javier, an overzealous younger son of the Torvald family, planted a bomb on the Jespersen estate on Hofn. The resulting blast destroyed half the estate and killed a large part of the Jespersen family, leaving ten year-old Kenneth Jespersen as the oldest member of the family. The Jespersen family atoned by marrying Kenneth into the Torvald family, who subsequently absorbed the Jespersen holdings on Hofn and the Jespersen sælgeflåde, reducing the number of ruling families among the Jàrnfòlk to eight.[1].[1]


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