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OmniVehicles are an advanced variation of the standard combat vehicles which utilize the same OmniPod technology as the OmniMechs and OmniFighters, offering great flexibility in combat abilities and repair benefits.

While the Clans developed the OmniMech in 2854, due to the Clans' bias toward BattleMech supremacy it was not until the 2990s that Clan Hell's Horses adapted OmniPod technology to a combat vehicle in the form of the Epona Pursuit Vehicle. It remained the first and only Clan OmniVehicle until 3064 with the introduction of the Hephaestus. The first OmniVehicles produced in the Inner Sphere were the Badger tracked and Bandit hover transports, derived from the Epona and fielded by Wolf's Dragoons in 3008, though the Dragoons' efforts to hide their advanced technology prevented observers from realizing the existence of the technology advance. The first Successor State produced OmniVehicle was the Schiltron, with the Draconis Combine leveraging their efforts to reverse engineer the OmniMech into OmniPod equipped vehicles.

Combat vehicles see continued use on the modern battlefield due to reasons for availability and lower cost, compared to their more famed BattleMech counterparts. In this regard, OmniVehicles suffer a double blow, primarily using more expensive fusion engines and the advanced pod technology, driving up production costs which are only partly offset by their greatly expanded flexibility in combat ability. Due to the reverse engineering of Clan OmniPod technology, Inner Sphere OmniVehicles use the same modular connection points and can mount Clan weapon and equipment pods just as easily as IS components.

Support vehicles can also be constructed with OmniVehicles.

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