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Quaestor Mobile Tactical Command HQ
Production information
Manufacturer Duncan Enterprises, Moore
Production Year 3095
Mission Scout,
Mobile Headquarters (MHQ),
Command Vehicle,
Electronic Warfare Unit
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Mass 30
Armor Standard Armor
Engine Fusion
Speed 90 km/h
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
Heat Sinks 10

1x ER Small Laser
2x Machine Guns

BV (2.0) 437[1][2]


The Quaestor Mobile Tactical Command HQ was a Thirty-second Century Combat Vehicle, which was originally an inexpensive command vehicle that could be exported to allies and second line troops. The Quaestor was designed by Duncan Enterprises, who managed to convince the Republic of the Sphere leadership to allow the company to create the vehicle. The business plan was to save costs of production and design by using existing components being used to build the more advanced Praetorian and Tribune Mobile HQ vehicles.

This hybrid of the two advance vehicles proved to be a boon for Republic's Standing Guard units due to its ruggedness and the ease of maintaining it. While not a perfect command vehicle, it was proven to be a good seller and was sold across the Inner Sphere. However, one blight on its history would be that one of these vehicles was used by Capellan Confederation Death Commandos in the ambush that killed Kai Allard-Liao during the Capellan Crusades.

Due to its association with that ambush, it became clear that the vehicle had truly become widespread throughout the Inner Sphere, and the decision was made to sell the more advanced Praetorian and Tribune vehicles to nations friendly to the Republic.[3]

Weapons and Equipment

Duncan Enterprises used the chassis of the Praetorian as the basis of the vehicle. Engineers would end up stripping out the heavier vehicle's more advanced gear and armor to reduce costs. This left the Quaestor sharing the same dimensions and general appearance of the larger vehicle, although thirty tons lighter and far roomier inside. Powered by a 180-rated Fusion Engine, the vehicle is able move up to 90+ km/ph, the same speed as the Tribune. For its role as a command vehicle, the Quaestor matches the Tribune's 5-tons of Communication Equipment, giving the command staff the ability to jam enemy transmissions, provide advance intelligence allowing units tied into the vehicle to gain the initiative on enemy troops via satellite connections, remote relays and more. Additionally a Guardian ECM Suite is fitted giving it an additional boost in electronic warfare capacities. The vehicle's crew must use its swift speed to help improve its odds of surviving in battle, this partially due to the vehicle being armored with six tons standard armor, which gives it only modest protection should it be ambushed.

The vehicle's limited form of self-defense comes from an Extended-Range Small Laser mounted in the main turret, with a pair of machine guns each mounted in one of the vehicle's two Sponson Turrets.[4]

Design Quirks

The Quaestor Mobile Tactical Command HQ vehicle has the following Design Quirks;


  • The Quaestor is published only in Experimental Technical Readout: Republic, Volume 1, with a Record sheet. The image of the Praetorian was used as the official image of the vehicle.
  • It was much later adapted by Catalyst Game Labs and redefined once the company advanced the franchise's timeline to 3095. There was very limited information regarding this vehicle until the XTRO: Republic II was published, including its formal name.
  • The only advanced gear was the Sponson Turret, however this would be regulated as Tournament Legal as of 3079.[6]


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