Republic Armed Forces

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The Republic Armed Forces is the military branch of the Republic of the Sphere.

Like in all Successor States, there also exist further forces in the form of police, civilian guards, armed nobles, and private or corporate security forces, all of which can take the form of veritable armies.

Besides these, the Republic also maintains Knights of the Sphere. They are the immediate agents of the Paladins' and Exarch's executive branch, usually acting as aides, military liaisons to local militia commanders, or commanders themselves. After the dissolution of the Republic of the Sphere following the Battle of Terra, any remaining personnel were taken as bondsmen and assets would end up being absorbed into Clan Wolf in preparation for the ilClan Trial.


Military Departments[edit]

  • Republic High Command
  • Department of Military Intelligence
  • Department of Requisition and Replacement

Fallen Units[edit]

Units of the Republic Armed Forces[edit]

Knights of the Republic
The Knights of the Republic are the elite soldiers of the Republic of the Sphere.
Hastati Sentinels
Hastati Sentinels logo.png The Hastati Sentinels are the elite forces of the Republic of the Sphere's military. Though they are drawn from nearly every House, Clan, and Periphery military. Years of constant training and border skirmishes have raised their skills to a high level.
Triarii Protectors
Triarii Protectors logo.png The Triarii Protectors are a military organization of the Republic of the Sphere. Each Prefecture has a Triarii Protector regiment manned by green troops who are devoted to Devlin Stone's ideals. Like Nicholas Kerensky's actions when founding the Clans, Devlin Stone mixed the composition of the Protector regiments by integrating troops from every House, nation, and Prefecture rather than dividing them by regional loyalty. This forces the soldiers to discard any preconceptions they may have about their fellows, improving their cohesion and reinforcing the successful practices of the Republic.
Principes Guards
Principes Guards.png Formed in 3084 at the same time as the Republic of the Sphere, the Principes Guards are the unsung heroes of the Republic Armed Forces. Though the Triarii Protectors might give more speeches to the nobility, and the Hastati Sentinels may travel between the various Prefecture worlds when pirate activity flares up, the Principes Guards simply fight and defend the people of the worlds hosting them. Day in and out, the Guards maintain their combat readiness and assist their neighbors in defending the worlds they call home.
Republic Standing Guard
Republic Standing Guard logo.png The Republic Standing Guard is the militia of the Republic Armed Forces.
Northwind Highlanders
Highlanders (RotS) logo.png A mercenary-turned Republic unit, the Highlanders are sworn to protect the nation they call home.
Stone's Revenants
The Revenants formed up from survivors from a number of allied coalition units which had been badly mauled during the campaign for Chara in Operation SCOUR; General Belle Lee made the decision to create the new command rather than rebuilding the various broken units.
Stone's Lament
Stones Lament logo.png The Stone's Lament was a military combat unit formed in the fires of Kittery's Resistance group in 3073. Members of the resistance force which were allied was led by Devlin Stone breaking out of Word of Blake reeducation camp RBMU 105.
Stone's Brigade
The Stone's Lament was a military combat unit formed in the fires of Kittery's Resistance group in 3073.

Former Units[edit]

Fidelis Logo.png Also known as Stone's Shadow, the Fidelis was formed by the remnants of Clan Smoke Jaguar. They are known to act as special ops force for the Republic of the Sphere. They were led by the Custos. They were experienced in cross-training and infantry work while fighting for the Republic. When it was announced that the Fidelis was free of their debt and were allowed to establish themselves however they wanted, the group joined Alaric Ward in conquering Terra.


Military Academies[edit]



RAF Uniforms[edit]

  • Duty - consists of a short, high-collared, royal blue tunic with dark trousers. A service cap or beret may be worn with the uniform. Stripes on the tunics cuff indicate which brigade the soldier belongs to with a color that matches the type of dress uniform. Four represents MechWarriors, three represents armor crews, two for infantry, and one for support roles.[2]
  • Field - the same as the duty uniform, but with a light gray tunic instead of blue.[2]
  • Dress - a shirt and trousers, worn over a short coat. The color of the coat depends on the member's unit. The Hastati Sentinels wear black, Principes Guards wear dark gray, Triarii Protectors wear blue-gray and the Republic Navy wears dark blue. All wear black trousers with white piping down the side.[2]

The Republic Standing Guard allows some alteration to their uniforms, giving a sense of uniqueness on their world or specialness, though most wear a green tunic with khaki trousers. One example of this change is the Northwind Standing Guard, who adds a kilt and Clan tartan due to their roots of hailing from ancient Scotland.[3]

Knight of the Republic Uniforms[edit]

  • Field - a light gray tunic with dark trousers having scarlet and gold piping down the legs. The Knight’s full name is monogrammed over the left breast.[2]
  • Service - is a white tunic with gold braiding at the shoulders with dark trousers and piping down the legs.
  • Formal - contains a steel gray tunic and trousers with scarlet and gold piping down the legs and a gold shield on each arm.

Full Knights wear a cape of rank, short and gray in the field, and knee-length in scarlet and gold in formal attire.[4]

Paladin Uniform[edit]

The Paladins merge aspects from various knight uniforms. They are also allowed to design the cuffs in gold threads, based on their ethnic background, homeworld, or philosophical leanings. A floor length scarlet and gold cape completes the uniform.[5]


Medals & Decorations[edit]


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