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Creature information
Type Bovine cattle
Homeworld Galisteo
Environment Hot steppe
Average mass up to 5,000 kg
Average length est. 600 cm
Average height est. 400 cm

The Range-bull, also referred to as Ranger bull, is a gene-manipulated, bigger and smarter reconstruction of the ancient Terran Aurochs. They are raised as cattle on Galisteo.



Adult Range-bulls mass up to five metric tons; in a herd with a 4,000 kilogram herd bull with horns spanning four meters, a six-month-old specimen weighed around half a ton. Range-bull hide is very tough, described as the equivalent of several centimeters of Kevlar. The species is noted for wide horns.[1]

Abilities and Lifestyle[edit]

As a bovine species, Range-bulls live in herds and are valued for their meat. Large specimen are thought to be capable of damaging or destroying a Ranchhand AgroMech, and an enraged herd can topple a shut-down BattleMech (as demonstrated on a Locust).

Still, Range-bulls can be overcome by predators. A pack of Lobo plumado killed a straggling calf, though some of them were trampled.[1]


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