Trondheim Freedom Defenders

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Trondheim Freedom Defenders
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation KungsArmé
Formed unknown

The Trondheim Freedom Defenders were a planetary militia regiment in service to the Free Rasalhague Republic.


Clan Invasion

The Freedom Defenders fought a mobile defense against Clan Ghost Bear forces in May 3050 but were ultimately destroyed.[1]

Trondheim was conquered by Clan Ghost Bear in May of 3050, one of three targets taken in by the Ghost Bears during the second wave of Operation REVIVAL. The planetary garrison, the Trondheim Freedom Defenders faceda force of the 3rd Bear Guards that deployed their 12th Battle Trinary, 34th Fighter Binary and Trinary Command units. A mobile campaign fought across most of the planet's largest continents was waged in the battle for control of Trondheim, beginning first on the Lava Web, a flat plain of lava whose top crust varies in thickness. The defenders managed to lure a Star of heavy Ghost Bear OmniMechs onto this plain, where their weight caused them to crash through the crust and sink into the lava below. The rest of the battle was spent as the avenging Clan forces chased the defenders through the open fields of Millargro to the crowded streets of Misby Flats, where the defenders were finally pinned down and destroyed.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Trondheim Freedom Defenders



Composition History





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