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Why I'm here[edit]

I've been a fan of BattleTech for fifteen years. My Christmas "wish lists" consist mostly of BattleTech products. Though my introduction to BattleTech was through the Clans (MechWarrior 2), I usually play as Inner Sphere factions (mostly the Federated Suns or Federated Commonwealth).

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I use the HeavyMetal series of programs to make custom and modified units. Not only is it fun to use the units in games, but it's a good way to kill time. I found this site when I started looking for an easier way to remember where various components were produced.

What I do[edit]

Honestly, I don't plan out ahead of time the things that I want to write about. If I see something that needs doing (like the Federated Industries page) or I think would be a cool idea (such as making the Unseen and Reseen into categories) then I do it. A lot of my time seems to be spent making redirects. I hate when I search for something and I'm off by a character or two (or even a space) and I figure I can't be the only person annoyed by that.


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