6th Raven Regulars (Clan Snow Raven)

Sixth Raven Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Delta Galaxy


During the Clan Invasion era the Sixth Raven Regulars were a part of the Clan Snow Raven Kappa Galaxy[1] and in 3063 they were assigned to garrison Circe.[2] They were still part of the Circe garrison in 3067.[3] At some point after the Wars of Reaving and the Snow Raven exodus to the Inner Sphere the Sixth became a part of Delta Galaxy.[4]

In the mid-thirty-second century, the Sixth Raven Regulars had the only ProtoMech Star Colonel to be found anywhere in the Inner Sphere; the Star Colonel in question was Francesca, who defeated Star Colonel Porter Rodriguez to take up her new post. She defeated Rodriguez and his Stinger IIC while piloting a Gorgon 3, but chose to pilot a Hippogriff once she was in command, citing the Hippogriff as a superior command unit.[4]


As of 3061 the commanding officer was Star Colonel Alberto Crow, one of the youngest Star Colonels in the Raven touman.[1] He was still in command in 3067.[3]

In 3145 the commanding officer of the Sixth was Star Colonel Francesca, who succeeded Star Colonel Porter Rodriguez to take command.[4][5]


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Composition History[edit]


Sixth Raven Regulars (5 Trinaries/Veteran/Fanatical)[1][3]

  • CO: Star Colonel Alberto Crow


Sixth Raven Regulars (Veteran/Fanatical)[5]

  • CO: Star Colonel Francesca

Game Rules[edit]

In the Clan Invasion era the Sixth's commander, Alberto Crow, was inexperienced. This translated into a -1 Initiative penalty. The Sixth was very skilled at short range combat however, and receives a -1 to-hit modifier.[6]


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