6th Wolf Regulars (Clan Wolf)

6th Wolf Regulars Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
Parent Formation Iota Galaxy
Formed 3058


Formed after the Refusal War from new sibko cadets that failed their initial Trial of Position, but performed well enough to warrant a second chance in a garrison unit. The Cluster serves as a training ground for the 3rd Wolf Guard Battle Cluster and exceptional warriors are transferred to that unit.[1] The two Clusters often performed joint practice exercises. [2] In 3059 the Cluster was split to defend both Ferleiten and Engadin.[3]. In 3067 the Cluster had settled into a garrison post on Seiduts. [4]

The Cluster saw very little action against Clan Hell’s Horses. During the Jihad the Sixth formed part of the Coalition forces assigned to the Combine Thrust, and took part in the liberation of Quentin. After this battle the following years were relatively uneventful and it was moved to garrison La Grave, a planet that Clan Wolf took from the Falcons in 3070.[5] In the early 3080s the cluster was engaged in suppressing local resistance groups within the Wolf Occupation Zone[6] and by 3085 they had moved to Wheel. [7]


The commanding officer in 3059 was Star Colonel Rhyssa.[1] By 3067 she had earned the Bloodname of Carns.[4] In 3085 the commander was Star Colonel Luca Carns. [7]


Star Colonel Rhyssa favored maneuver-based tactics, especially flanking attacks. However her inexperienced warriors found it difficult to coordinate such attacks. [1]

Composition History[edit]


In 3067 80% of their material is older Star League era models.[1]
In 3079 the Cluster was at 70% strength, [5] and by 3085 they were at 80%.[7]


  • The Cluster has never been outfitted with OmniMechs.


May use off map movement but at twice the normal cost in time. These units return in the Initiative Phase and my move and fire in that turn as per normal rules.[8]


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