Arimas Malthus

Star Colonel Arimas Malthus at age 28

Character History[edit]

Arimas Malthus was a Star Colonel of Clan Jade Falcon during the late Clan Invasion era. He was a product of a genetic engineering program begun by Elias Crichell, specifically bred for intelligence and combat ability. Arimas was a very skilled warrior who accurately "read" opponents. Kael Pershaw saw much potential in him and recruited Arimas into the Falcon arm of the Clan Watch. He participated in the Jade Falcon Invasion of Coventry.[1] During the Great Refusal, Arimas piloted a Turkina against elements of ComStar's 2nd Division. It was during this fearsome battle that Arimas' Turkina took massive amounts of damage that classified the 'Mech as destroyed (the 'Mech was still standing and still had weapons to fire.) Arimas refused to be knocked back or brought down. Khan Marthe Pryde was so impressed by his actions during this battle she pressed the leaders of House Malthus to let him fight for the Malthus bloodname.[2][3]


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  3. The battle of Coventry scenario pack indicates that Arimas won his bloodname following the Bloodright trials that followed the Wolf-Falcon War. However according to the Novel Prince of Havoc Arimas had not attained his bloodname yet.