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  • 23 July 2017: New Unseen lawsuit? (Frabby)
Looking for an explanation as to why the newly released Technical Readout: Succession Wars omitted some prominent designs that all happen to be Unseen, fans found that Harmony Gold has apparently filed a new lawsuit against Harebrained Schemes and Jordan Weisman, among others. Line Developer Ray Arrastia stated on the BatteTech Forum that he is "not at liberty to discuss ongoing legal matters at this time."

Sarna Community Bulletin:

The moratorium for Second Succession War has expired. BTW Editors are now free to make edits using this source as a reference.
A reminder to all editors: Most BattleTech sourcebooks, rulebooks, etc. are written or annotated as in-universe documents. The Template:InfoBoxProduct was expanded back in 2013 already to include the in-universe agency that purportedly created the document, and when it was written/published in-universe. Product articles that were written before 2013 (mostly) haven't been updated yet to include this information, and newer articles often omit it because they are apparently created off an old article's structure with the older template in place. Given that "sneak preview" information about the year 3250 was provided in the framing context in recent products, all editors are encouraged to use the latest version of the template when creating new articles, and to update older articles.
The former project started by Bad_Syntax and Volt Ampere has been restarted by Volt and his Sarna Unified Cartography Society team. They have just released the new SUC Kit, providing updated coordinates and faction ownership history, through all products released in July. See System coordinates for details and release version 2017.08.
We're all proud of the ever-increasing page count shown on this Main Page. However, there are about 1,367 pages that need our update love. Please visit Sources Needing Updates, grab the indicated source product, update an article, and knock some of those Update Needed tags away.

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