Battle of the Kyoto Zen Arcology Project

Battle of the Kyoto Zen Arcology Project
Part of Battle of Luthien
Start Date 23 August 3072
Location Kyoto Zen Arcology Project
Planet Luthien
Result Xi Galaxy victory
Commanders and leaders
Galaxy Commander Jal Steiner Precentor Belial
Forces involved
Xi Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat)
Izanagi Warriors
42nd Shadow Division
light urban
reclaimed forest

The Battle of the Kyoto Zen Arcology Project was fought primarily by the Blakist 42nd Shadow Division and Xi Galaxy of Clan Nova Cat on 23 August 3072 within the Kyoto Zen Arcology Project on Luthien. The DCMS-aligned Otomo and Izanagi Warriors attempted to take advantage of the Blakists' distracted attention in order to sow confusion within their defenses.[1]



The Word of Blake had established a large supply base within the confines of the Kyoto Zen Arcology Project. In a coordinated plan of attack, the Otomo and Izanagi Warriors would tie up some of the defending 42nd Shadow Division forces while the Xi Galaxy units would concentrate their assault on the opposite side.[1]

23 August 3072[edit]

The battle was two-pronged within the urban and parkland environment of the project, with the DCMS forces pulling enough Blakist troops away to allow a Nova Cat Star to breach the rear of the large supply base. In deflecting the DCMS flanking attack, the Blakists allowed the Clan warriors to cause significant loss to their ammunition supply in an enormous chemical explosion, wiping out multiple units on both sides.[1]





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