Production information
Manufacturer Unknown
Tech Base Clan (Advanced) (Society)[1]
Introduced ????
Technical specifications
Mass 13[1] tons
Chassis BGR13
Armor Proto-Standard B
Engine 45 Fusion
Communications System Proto-Type A
Targeting Tracking System SAT-PM1
Speed 86 km/h
Jump Jets MegaTan Lifters

1x Plasma Cannon

BV (2.0) 538[2]


The Boggart ultraheavy ProtoMech was developed by The Society as a flanker and harasser unit. It was named for the insulting name given to the original ProtoMechs by the members of Task Force Serpent. The Boggart was the first attempt to build a production-worthy quad ProtoMech. It is able to intercept communications signals from other units and determine where the targeted unit is placing most of its attention. This allows the Boggart's pilot to target those units that aren't expecting an attack, making the assault even more effective. The Boggart's relatively high ground speed is coupled with a 150 meter jumping capability to allow it to quickly engage multiple foes.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The single Plasma Cannon mounted on the Boggart is particularly effective against overheating 'Mechs. Conventional infantry and vehicles are also quickly damaged by the weapon. As a result, the Boggart is one of the Society's most effective ProtoMechs. Unfortunately, the limited amount of ammunition storage forces the Boggart to carefully select its targets or risk running out of ammunition.


  • Boggart 2 
    This variant of the Boggart replaces the Plasma Cannon and ammunition with seven Extended Jump Jets and more armor. The only weapon mounted on the Boggart 2 is a Medium Pulse Laser.[3]


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