Bountiful Delicacies

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Bountiful Delicacies is a major food producer in the Lyran Commonwealth.[1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: BoDel [1] [2]

Main Headquarters: KevGlen City, Bountiful Harvest[1] Staffordville, Coventry [2]


Headquartered on the world of Bountiful Harvest, Bountiful Delicacies is a household name in food production for the Lyran Commonwealth, Federated Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance. Originally a humble agro-company dealing mostly in processed and unprocessed grains, as the Third Succession War dragged on the publicly owned company changed their focus to exotic and gourmet appetizers and deserts such as the White Hart Truffle, Harvest Caviar, Coventry Greyel Wings and Sautéed Gerette. [1] [2]

In their competition with Nashan Foods for greater market share, in the 32nd century Bountiful Delicacies branched out into aqua-culture and meat production to keep their edge. However, a blight of Henderson's Ich in 3025 wiped out Bountiful's stock of sturgeon, seriously denting in their production of caviar and leading some to blame Nashan sabotage for it. [1] By 3067 the company's farms on Bountiful Harvest and a half a dozen other Alliance worlds had proven fertile enough to maintain quality and keep the business strong. Statements at the time indicated the company was intent on breaking into the potable market with a new line of fine wines and other dinner beverages developed from newly finished vineyards on Lyndon.[2]

The company's CEO in 3025 was Baron David Halsf von Helsing, in 3067 the position was held by Baron Deitr Halsf von Helsing [2]


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