Emerald Tornado

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Emerald Tornado
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Whirlwind
Previous classes Davion


As at 3059 the Whirlwind-class destroyer Emerald Tornado was serving as the CJF Emerald Tornado within the Clan Jade Falcon touman.[1] The Emerald Tornado would continue to be an active part of the touman throughout the next decade[2] and into the beginnings of the Jihad.

During the Clan Ice Hellion invasion of the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone in 3071 and 3072 the Emerald Tornado was directly involved in the fighting. The Emerald Talon was commanded by Star Captain Carlos Binetti at the time, and in late September 3071 successfully captured a major Ice Hellion supply convoy in the system known as Falcon's Beacon. A Deep Periphery Watch outpost, Falcon's Beacon had been captured by the minor military forces guarding the convoy a week before the Emerald Talon arrived. With no significant defensive assets beyond a limited AeroSpace Fighter contingent the convoy couldn't resist the Emerald Talon, and the supplies carried by the convoy - enough to resupply two complete Galaxies of troops - became Jade Falcon isorla.[3]

It isn't known if the Emerald Tornado survived the Jihad and the Wars of Reaving.[4]


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