Charlie 425 A

Charlie 425 A
System information

The Charlie 425 A system was one of a number of uninhabited periphery systems along the Exodus Road, located between the Clan homeworlds and Barbados. No details are known about the system, and the number or spectral class of its sun(s) as well as the number of planets (if any) was not specified.

It was used as a stopover and recharging system by the one flotilla of Clan Wolverine under Khan Franklin Hallis (aboard the WarShip SLS Michigan) in the ill-fated Wolverine attempt to secede from the Clans and return to the Inner Sphere in 2823. The flotilla was recharging at the system's nadir jump point as per 5 November 2823. Only two weeks earlier (on 24 October) Hallis had participated in battle at Strana Mechty; this strongly suggests that Charlie 425 A is very close to Clan space, no more than three jumps (around ninety lighty-years) from Strana Mechty unless Hallis used a command circuit to leave Strana Mechty which seems very improbably under the circumstances. Charlie 425 A was expressly described to lie outside Clan space.[1]


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