Colonial Tractors

Colonial Tractors
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Fronc
Primary Products BattleMechs


Colonial Tractors was a manufacturing concern in the Fronc Reaches. They provided wheeled tractors and other agricultural equipment for the citizens of the New Colony Region, and when the Fronc Reaches formed they were hired to produce weaponry for the new nation. Since that time, the company has continued to produce civilian equipment as well as Hetzer Wheeled Assault Guns.

The loss of the Fronc Reaches' only BattleMech manufacturing facility when the Magistracy of Canopus and then the Capellan Confederation annexed the world of Detroit led to President Elaine Hadley implementing a number of changes after she came to power in 3092.[1] One of the major changes was her instruction that the remaining two arms producers in Reaches space - Colonial Tractors and Interstellar Agricultural Concerns of Rockwellawan - increase production to compensate for the loss of Detroit. The result was expansions on both parts into the production of BattleMechs, with Colonial Tractors being the first to achieve this target with the production of Hunchback BattleMechs, drawing on their existing expertise in producing autocannons. By 3145 Colonial Tractors had increased the number of BattleMech designs being produced from one to four, although Hunchback production continued to outstrip the other lines.[2] With production outstripping the demands of the Fronc Reaches military the excess production was sold to the Federated Suns and Filtvelt Coalition, contributing to an economic boom that allowed the Reaches to expand through peaceful colonization efforts.[1]


Colonial Tractors has manufacturing centers in the following locations.


Components produced on Fronc:[3]
Component Type
Combat Vehicles
Hetzer Wheeled Assault Guns[3] Wheeled Vehicles
TR-A-1 Toro[2] Primitive Light BattleMech
CLN-2-3T Clint[2][3][4] Medium BattleMech
HBK-4G Hunchback[2] Medium BattleMech
RFL-3N Rifleman[2] Heavy BattleMech


It was confirmed by the author that the IntroTech CLN-2-3T variant of the Clint was being produced by Colonial Tractors in 3145, not the more advanced CLN-3-3T variant:

It was meant to be the low-tech Clint found in the 3025/3039 tech read outs.

I hope that clears it up!

Aaron "Gravedigger" Pollyea

  — Aaron "Gravedigger" Pollyea, BattleTech writer, 16 March 2014


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