Comet's Tail

Comet's Tail
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The Comet's Tail was an independently-owned DropShip of unconfirmed type which successfully operated a blockade running racket in the Solaris system during the Word of Blake siege in the early years of the Jihad.[1]

In 3070 the organised resistance on Solaris VII attempted to smuggle two prototype Valiant BattleMechs off-planet, along with the majority of the Vining Engineering and Salvage Team's personnel responsible for designing the Valiant. The Comet's Tail was the DropShip responsible for transporting the illicit cargo offworld, and after a brief dogfight above Solaris the Comet's Tail managed to successfully rendezvous with the JumpShip Trifecta Yearning and jump out of the Solaris system.[1]

The Captain of the Trifecta Yearning betrayed the resistance, jumping to the Caph system within the Word of Blake Protectorate before attempting to hand the 'Mechs and VEST personnel over to the Word of Blake. Fortuitously, a nearby monitoring DropShip belonging to the Draconis Combine was close enough to observe what had happened and interceded, destroying the Trifecta Yearning and rescuing the Comet's Tail.[1]


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