Deep Ores Company

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Deep Ores Company is a mining company within in the Draconis Combine[1].

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Oasis V, Bjarred

President/CEO: Melissa Ozawa (Circa 3025)[2].


By 3025, Deep Ores Company was the only source of industry on the entire planet of Bjarred. This was due to the fact that Deep Ores had been paying bribes to the planetary Chairman for years to keep other companies from setting up on the world. However, the recent Chairman, Yoshimas Drebbly, began to ask for larger payments to keep other companies off world. Melissa Ozawa, the acting CEO, rejected these demands. Though this decision might lead to stiffer competition for Deep Ores, Melissa was certain that the company was in a strong enough position to stand some competition without government support.

Deep Ores faced other problems however. Bandits, who lived in the mountains of Bjarred, would routinely attack the Deep Ores operations. Luckily, the Combine stationed military units on world to combat these raiders.[3].

During the Clan Invasion, Bjarred was conquered by Clan Nova Cat. What happened with the company during the occupation and the later liberation of the world by Operation Bulldog is unknown.


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