Delta Galaxy (Clan Steel Viper)

Delta Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3074)
Nickname The Fer-De-Lance Galaxy
Parent Formation Clan Steel Viper Touman
Disbanded 3074 (Destroyed)


Delta Galaxy had seen several of its component Clusters rotated to the Inner Sphere after 3052, which left it below strength.[1] It was the only frontline force the Vipers deployed in the homeworlds for most of the 3050s and as a result it was almost constantly under attack by the other Clans. With the Clan ejected from the Inner Sphere occupation zone, the pressure on Delta was lifted and it gave Delta Galaxy a chance to rest, repair, and build it strength.[2]

War of Reaving[edit]

In December 3074 the Vipers launched a massive assault on against Clan Coyote on Tamaron with six Galaxies and a large naval force. The Viper warships opened up holes in the Coyote SDS allowing the DropShips a path through. Alpha Galaxy led the way but it wasn't long until all six Galaxies had made planetfall despite the fierce aerospace attacks. A swift assault by Delta helped to secure the landing zone. After a week fighting the Vipers finally forced the remnant of the Coyote navy to flee. The ground forces made for their objectives, several major factory complexes in the Apache Mountains. Securing these cost the Coyotes both Epsilon and Lambda Galaxies. The Viper assault then turned toward the planetary capital of San Mateo By 16 December the city was surrounded. Four Coyote Galaxies had been destroyed, but at the cost of three of the Viper's own including Delta.[3]


In 3060 the Commanding Officer was Galaxy Commander Nicole Hoskins, by 3067 she had been elected saKhan but remained in command.[4]


The Galaxy had no unifying tactics.



Delta Galaxy


Delta Galaxy[8][4]


Delta Galaxy[3]



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