Enhanced Multi-Modal Cybernetic Implant


An Enhanced Multi-Modal Cybernetic Implant was an advanced type of cybernetic sensory implant developed for the Manei Domini. Reserved for agents of Tau rank or higher, they were able to combine three separate functions into one device, such as a cybernetic eye with infrared, telescopic and electromagnetic vision models. Enhanced multi-modal implants could be implanted in much the same way and used in combination as with lesser implants.[1]


In RPG play enhanced multi-modal implants have the same capabilities as normal and enhanced cybernetic sensory implants and may be cosmetically modified the same way. Switching between different modes of operation requires an Incidental Action. In CBT they also provide the same benefits as normal and enhanced cybernetic sensory implants. However if Enhanced Multi-Modal Eyes or Ears are present in a unit with a functioning Active Probe they increase the range by 2 hexes.[1]


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