Eriksson's Einherjar

Eriksson's Einherjar.jpg
Eriksson's Einherjar
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Överste Mika Bergström
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


Eriksson's Einherjar is a mercenary unit made up of former Kungsarme members who have sworn to avenge their fallen comrades.[1] In 3052 the 4 company strong command assaulted Jabuka, where they met the 1st Viper Guards. Only a quarter of the mercenaries survived the heavy fighting. The Einherjar's founder was amongst those killed in combat,[1] and his successor led the unit to the Circinus Federation for rest and refit. Since then the Einherjar have sided with the Word of Blake because they were employed with the Federation.[2]

At the end of June 3072 the separatist Democracy Now movement in the Lyran Alliance unveiled its own Democratic People's Army - consisting largely of Eriksson's Einherjar.[3][4] It's likely that the Einherjar's service to Democracy Now was short-lived, as the Kaumberg Planetary Guard assaulted Novara, center of the Democracy Now movement, in August 3072 and apparently shattered the Democratic People's Army.[5][4]


In 3067 Mika Bergström led the unit after the death of Överste Johan Eriksson on Jabuka.[1]


The Einherjar's preferred tactic is to drop directly into an enemy's position and concentrate their fire power for superiority.[1]


Mercenary Rating[edit]

Dragoon Rating: F[1]



Eriksson’s Einherjar (2 BattleMech Companies)[1]

  • CO/Bergström’s Hammare: Överste Mika Bergström
  • XO/Sundby's Kavellerie: Överste-Löjtnant Ursula Sundby

- Heavy and Assault 'Mechs with high-tech weaponry



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