Europa (Individual Union-class DropShip)

This article is about the Union-class DropShip. For other uses, see Europa (disambiguation).

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union


The Europa was a Union-class DropShip serving with the Gray Death Legion since some point before 3055.[1]

During the Second Skye Rebellion, the Europa escaped from attacking Skye separatist forces on Glengarry by retreating from the Dunkeld spaceport during a battle on 7 April 3056[2] to hide in the mountains and return six days later.[3] It was commanded by Lt. Evan Fowler, who had previously been in command of the DropShip Deimos as an Ensign in the War of 3039 and as a Lieutenant through the Clan Invasion.[4]

Day of Heroes still lists Lt. Fowler as captain of the Deimos when the Second Skye Rebellion began, but the Deimos takes the Europa's place in the scenario recreating the battle at the spaceport in that source.[5] This is apparently in error, as the same source correctly names the Europa as the DropShip that had been hiding in the mountains in the summary.[6]


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