Ewan McCorkell

Ewan McCorkell (born 29?? - died 2982) was a Khan of Clan Snow Raven during the Political Century, and would come to be regarded as one of their greatest leaders.[1]


Khan Ewan McCorkell is noted for his remarkable foresight regarding the role of his Clan during the eventual invasion of the Inner Sphere. The actions he took to prepare the Snow Ravens had their greatest positive effect nearly a century after his demise, setting the stage for his Clan to break free of the confines of Clanspace, freeing them to seek further economic growth in the Outworlds Alliance.[1]

Blood Spirit and Raven Dealings[edit]

In 2977, Clan Blood Spirit would break its isolation to approach the Snow Ravens about the possibility of brokering a mutually beneficial exchange between their Clans. The Ravens were initially astonished to see the ilChi from the Blood Spirits - with whom they shared residence, possessing a small enclave on the Blood Spirit-dominated planet York. But astonishment would give way to pragmatism. Khan McCorkell encouraged more talks to further cement diplomatic ties, eventually striking a deal with Spirit Khan Fara Church that would trade a Galaxy worth of the Raven's second line BattleMechs to the Spirits in return for three of the Blood Spirit's unneeded WarShips, with the exchange to be completed by installments over a thirty year period of time.[1][2]

Though several other Khans ridiculed this decision as ludicrous by conventional Clan standards and philosophy, Khan McCorkell knew something that the rest did not: No matter how his Clan might strive, it would never be able to unseat the likes of Clan Jade Falcon, or Smoke Jaguar, or any other dominant Clan for that matter. Surrendering to the naked truth of this realization, McCorkell executed his deal with the Blood Spirits in 2979, with the first shipments reaching the Clan Blood Spirit Touman by 2980.[1][2]

Though he was able to accurately predict the Snow Raven's future course, he was as mortal as any other Clan warrior. He would die in 2982, while fighting a traditional Blood Spirit enemy, Clan Burrock. It is not known if the battle was connected to the deal struck between the Snow Ravens and Blood Spirits.[1]


His Clan would not take part in Operation Revival, but he had set them on the road to profit from it by providing transport and escort services to the Invader Clans, which finally came to pass in 3050. His vision resulted in his Clan catapulting itself from a downtrodden and marginalized faction to a strong organization capable of forcibly removing itself from the Clan Homeworlds during the chaos of the Jihad and the Wars of Reaving, a force that was more than capable of finding its own destiny as part of the Raven Alliance.[3][4]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Snow Raven
29?? - 2982[1]

Succeeded by


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