The Jaguar's Heart

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Clan Smoke Jaguar logo
The Jaguar’s Heart
Unit Profile (as of 3060)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation The Khan’s Cluster
Formed 3060

The Jaguar’s Heart was founded in 3060 on Strana Mechty. Together with the The Jaguar's Den and the Shroud Keshik It formed part of the elite Khan's Cluster. [1] This provisional formation was raised by ilKhan Lincoln Osis desperate for troops to push Inner Sphere forces off of Huntress. Its warriors are older but not past their prime and not old enough to be considered Solahma. They had been on Strana Mechty as trainers, designers, consultants and liaison officers; 23 volunteered and took the chance to return to being an active warrior. [2]


The unit saw notable combat action on Huntress during the assault by Task Force Serpent. They performed a combat drop into the Dhuan Mountains on 26th March 3060 with the Shroud Keshik. Here they engaged the Kathil Uhlans. [3] The Uhlans were reinforced by elements of the MacLeod’s Highlanders and Knights of the Inner Sphere. A fourth assault pushed the Inner Sphere forces into the Dhuan Swamp. [4] The unit was then tasked, by saKhan Brandon Howell to hunt these Inner Sphere forces down. During this operation Star Colonel Wager was killed by troops from the Kathil Uhlans and Star Captain Gareth took command.[5]



The unit consists of 23 Omnimechs, which are mostly heavy or assault-class.


The unit insignia is a Smoke Jaguar with a gold six-pointed star on its chest. [6]


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