Isabelle Fisk

Isabelle Fisk (b. 3083[1] - d. ????) is the mastermind behind the Capellan Confederation advance into the Republic of the Sphere that resulted in the conquest of two full Prefectures worth of planets after the blackout.[1]

Character History[edit]

She grew up a refugee when the Republic Armed Forces captured her homeworld of Tsitsang; her family settled on Sarna in 3085. When she was a part of the youth group construction project, Capellan Confederation Armed Forces recruiters noticed her aptitude for handling IndustrialMechs and recommended her to join the military academy. Isabelle graduated from the academy in record time, which earned her a position in the Fifth Confederation Reserve Cavalry.[1]

Her unit was posted near the Republic border, and even though the two interstellar nations were nominally at peace, there were frequent raids across the border. During these raids, Isabelle was able to make a name for herself due to her handling of her 'Mech and her knack of seeing options that others missed.[1]

When the Capellan Crusades started, she was a junior staff member of Sang-jiang-jun Marko Sinković, who was the mastermind behind the early success the CCAF obtained. Isabelle learned as much as she could from him and was able to obtain the rank of Sang-jiang-jun before the invasion of the Republic in 3134.


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