Kaiyo Matsumoto


Kaiyo Matsumoto was a member of the Star League Defense Force, SLDF, and in 2763 was Major General of the 202nd BattleMech Division.[1]


Kaiyo proudly traced his family's history back thirteen hundred years to when they were samurai. His pride with his lineage made him hold the Draconis Combine and its soldiers in contempt. He considered the Combine warriors as "pseudo-samurai" because the Combine had usurped the true meaning of the samurai way of life. His feelings on this topic were so strong that he enrolled in the SLDF Gunslinger Program and went on to build an 11-0 record against the Combine duelists upon graduation.[2]

His troops nicknamed him "Old Stone Face" for his stern expression. But when off duty, he mainly spent time with his family and rarely interacted with his fellow soldiers.[3]

The ultimate fate of Kaiyo Matsumoto is unknown, but it is presumed that he perished with his unit, the 202nd BattleMech Division, when it was destroyed in the Periphery Uprising.[4]


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