Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union


The Katerina was a Union-class DropShip operated by Skye separatists in the Second Skye Rebellion where it took part in General-Kommandant Friedrich Wilhelm von Bulow's attack on Glengarry, part of the Second Skye Rebellion. The fleet jumped from Skye to the Glengarry system on 1 April 3056.

On 11 April, the Katerina deployed Hauptmann Ann Ison-Price's BattleMech company of the 10th Skye Rangers to the Loch Sheol landing zone, supported by the Anastasia and the Raven. The latter two DropShips were empty, however, having previously lost their 'Mech contingent in a battle at Dunkeld. The landing was further supported by light ground forces apparently deployed by an (unnamed) Fury-class DropShip, but overall it was just a diversion to tie up defending forces. The four DropShips were soon pulled back, and Ison-Price surrendered her forces.[1]


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