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The Lyran Commonwealth could supply their military with some of the best equipment available. Even in the darkest hour the units field some of the heaviest machines. After the cooperation of with the AFFS the tactics changed. Described below are the individual arms and an overview of the common TO&E. [1]


Because the Commonwealth was the second state which could produce BattleMechs and with its extensive heavy industry base the common 'Mech units compromise many heavy to assault designs. Every major combat command include since the war of 3039 a lightning company, with the purpose to train the entire command in mobile combat tactic, also combined arms. During Operation Revival the LCAF suffered heavy losses which were replaced by foreign designs. But this trend was only temporary. [2]

Battlemech TO&E
Element Subunits Total Strength
Lance 4 'Mechs
Company 3 Lances 12'Mechs
Battalion 9 Lances 36'Mechs
12 Lances + 1 Lance 52'Mechs
Regiment 36 Lances + 3 Lances 120'Mechs
48 Lances + 3 Lances 156'Mechs


The LCAF regard their fighters as little more than ground support and the upgrades getting only during the FedCom Civil War to the units. O The standard design receive many weapons updates and some new design were also developed during the Jihad to answer the increased demand for naval support. [3]

The standard unit can divide in two categories: independent or "buddy duty".

Indepent = Wing sized formation with integral JumpShip and DropShip support.
"buddy duty" = assigned to specific ground command as air support and for escort duties.

The JumpShips and DropShips are usually organized into squadrons of 2 to six vessel or more. Every fleet could count on wing sized formations for defense duties.

Fighter TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Lance 2 Fighters
Squadron 3 Lances 6 Fighters
Wing 9 Lances 18 Fighters
12 Lances 24 Fighters
Regiment 27 Lances 54 Fighters


Tanks have always played an integral role in the army, often operating independently and forming combat groups at regimental level and above. With its economic might the Lyran Alliance can produce combat vehicles in large quantities. The all units fall in one of three categories:

The formations includes the heaviest available conventional tanks, because they have the duty to break enemy lines and siege duty. Only armor and sheer weapons power are the only solution.
These units are multi-role commands. From lightning raids, to flanking maneuvers and defensive engagements the vehicles can handle all tasks. They trade brute force for speed.
These are normal Kampfregimenter with integrated VTOL air support.
Task with field reconnaissance the vehicle are field sophisticated equipment. Special forces and other pathfinders cooperate in some cases with the larger formation.
Armor TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Platoon 4 Vehicle
Company 2 - 3 Platoons 8 - 12 Vehicles
Battalion 6 - 9 Platoons 24 - 36 Vehicles
8 - 12 Platoons + 1 Platoon 36 - 52 Vehicles
Regiment 24 - 36 Platoons 72 - 108 Vehicles
36 - 39 Platoons 108 - 156 Vehicles


The common trooper are the largest portion of the regular army. The LCAF provide the soldier with some of the best equipment, because the held the life of the trooper in high regard which need sufficient protection.[4] Through the seasoned cooperation with the AFFS and the change in the warfare to conventional forces the Generals put huge resources in the development project. The better trained and equipped soldiers can stand against any thread. The high command divide the soldiers in 6 categories:

The standard personal armor kit of the LCAF is more expensive then other IS kits, but provide better protection and the electronic equipment is at the highest level.[5]

Special Forces
Battle Armor

Foot Soldier:
Often found in defensive positions, because of their lack of integral transport assets. In the right environment like urban terrain they can hold their own.
Jump Soldier:
In contrast to the first categories the soldiers are experts in fast deployment in urban terrain or environment with obstacles. The formations are smaller then the other command. Common units include 3 Platoons.
The commands are equipped with some vehicles for transport duties. Often making raids they must receive rapidly because they have no armor protection.
With a mix of APC and IFVs these units are used for assault operations and quick response duties. A famed unit is the Heavy Urban Response Platoon, 608th Lyran MTR, Third Lyran Guards. This unit has been known to bring down heavier units with their heavy weapons.[6]
Special Forces:
As the elite of the conventional infantry every member must meet crucial entrance requirements and is equipped with the best available equipment. Few in numbers (only a handful of regiments) but this kind of troops are force multiplyer. After some times most soldiers serve the state as Lohegrin or Loki operator. The Lohegrin branch has a special recruitment source in form of the orphanage of the state.
Battle Armor:
With a tendency to heavy quad assault BA's, the LAAF assigned every frontline command Battle Armors at battalion strength or above when necessary. [7] After their first failed attempt with the Sloth[8] the weapons scientists put greater efforts to build an indigenous design with overwhelming firepower. The results was the Fenrir (with 7 variants) and the Rottweiler. During the Jihad new tactics were developed. For example mixed squads of Fenrir and Rottweiler were used in front of larger engagements to secure key positions.[9]
Battletech TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Squad 7 troopers
Platoon 3 - 4 Squads 21 - 28 troopers
Company 9 - 12 Squads + 1 Squad 70 - 91 troopers
Battalion 27-36 Squads + 3 - 4 Squads 231 - 301 troopers
Regiment * 763 - 994 troopers
Brigade * 1626 - 3976 troopers


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