Malagrotta Periphery March Militia

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Malagrotta Periphery March Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Periphery March Militia
Formed 2754[1]

The Malagrotta Crucis March Militia was formed to defend Malagrotta and the Kearny Combat Region against pirates and Taurian Concordat raids. In fact, the Concordat has targeted Malagrotta more than any other border world.[2]


In common with the other March Militias found across the Federated Suns, the Malagrotta Crucis March Militia or Malagrotta CrMM was formed in 2754 as a result of the Preparedness Act enacted by First Prince Roger Davion in 2735. Roger established a formal training programme aimed at increasing the general readiness level of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns reserve forces and formalized the structure of the March Militias, bringing the planetary militias into a common structure.[1]

Roger established a system whereby each of the Marches within the Federated Suns conducted internal wargames every two years, with those wargames being inspired by the Martial Olympiad conducted by the Star League Defense Force every four years. Each March Militia was formed as an ad-hoc brigade drawing on the winners from each planetary militia across each Combat Region. These ad hoc brigades then competed against each other at a March level to earn the title of "Best Prepared" March Militia within each of the three Marches.[1]

The wargames proved to be very popular and by 2750 the prestige that was associated with the "Best Prepared" title inspired troops in every combat region to give their best effort, with some commands making plans years in advance to try and ensure that they were ready. After the close of the 2754 games First Prince John Davion activated all of the combat region commands as federal troops and formed them into the March Militias; while this move was controversial and provoked a flurry of judicial cases opposing the creation of the commands, it also added twenty BattleMech-equipped combat commands to the AFFS in a single stroke. Many of the planets that provided troops for the games were resentful of having their best militia troops pressed into federal service, and it would be 2763 before the last of the cases worked its way through the courts. With the final ruling going in favor of Prince John, he then moved to allay many of the fears expressed by the planets involved by laying down specific instructions that the March Militias wouldn't be deployed outside their home combat regions except under a small number of very rare and clearly-defined exceptions.[1]

Like the other Crucis March Militias the Malagrotta CrMM was well-equipped, much more so than the average Capellan March Militia or Draconis March Militia, and soon established a constant training regime. The Malagrotta CrMM was highly active, leading to a readiness level greater than might have been expected of a militia formation, and acted as a mobile reserve for the Malagrotta Combat Region and a staging ground through which planetary militia soldiers could move on into the AFFS, while retiring AFFS personnel moved into the March Militia to pass on their knowledge and experience.[1] The Malagrotta CrMM was one of ten March Militia brigades founded within the Crucis March in 2754, with the other nine being the Anjin Muerto, Bastian, Broken Wheel, Islamabad, Kestrel, Marlette, New Avalon, Point Barrow and Tsamma Crucis March Militias.[3]

Third Succession War[edit]

By 3025 the Malagrotta CrMM was inactive, and the Kearny Combat Region was defended by the mercenary unit known as The Dioscuri.[4]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

Though they paid lip service to Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion, the Malagrotta Crucis March Militia focused on maintaining their post on the Periphery border. They intercepted at least one hundred pirate attacks during the FedCom Civil War despite being stripped of most of their transport assets.[5]


During the Jihad the Malagrotta Cooperative formed in 3073. Banding together with several other systems, the Cooperative opened trade relations with the Filtvelt Coalition and several other Periphery powers. The Malagrotta CrMM became the backbone of the Cooperative's military. In order to secure their borders, the Cooperative offered Letters of Marque to pirate bands. Unfortunately the pirates moved into the Cooperative and destroyed the Malagrotta CrMM. The Malagrotta Cooperative was freed by the Remagen Crucis March Militia. Once it rejoined the Federated Suns the Malagrotta Crucis March Militia began rebuilding.[6]

In 3085 the Malagrotta Crucis March Militia was reactivated. Though their equipment levels are low and many of the designs are pre-Civil War era equipment, the presence of the Malagrotta CrMM provides a political statement for the worlds that used to make up the Malagrotta Cooperative: They are not forgotten and they are important. Though the LCT lacks battle armor and Aerospace forces, the Malagrotta CrMM has access to a full regiment of conventional fighters.[7]

Dark Age[edit]

In 3145 the Malagrotta PMM became the focus of anti-Filtvelt Coalition sentiments. Many members of this unit wanted to restore their original PDZ borders, not caring that this would require the PMM to invade the Coalition. The unit was frequently insubordinate and the source of many regional problems. Exacerbating the negative feelings was the reassignment of several company's worth of equipment to the volunteer Filtvelt Citizen Battalions. Due to these reassignments, the Malagrotta PMM was the least upgraded AFFS command in 3145.[8] They were stationed on Okains in the Capellan March in 3145.[9]


  • 3062, the commanding officer was Leftenant General Andrew Grundy.[2]
  • 3085, the commanding officer was Leftenant General Otis Allende.[13]
  • 3145, the commanding officer is Leftenant General Lilia Briggs.[9]


The Malagrotta CrMM was adept at fighting in micro-gravity (Zero-G) conditions.[2]

Composition History[edit]


Malagrotta Crucis March Militia (Regular/Reliable)[3]

- One BattleMech regiment[1]
- Two armor regiments[1]
- Three infantry regiments[1]
- One mobile artillery battalion[1]
- Two aerospace wings, each of eighteen aerospace fighters[1]
- The Malagrotta CrMM was stationed on Malagrotta at this point in time.[3][14]


Malagrotta Crucis March Militia (Regular/Reliable)[15]

- At this point in time the Militia was a light-weight unit operating at full regimental strength, and was based on Malagrotta.[15]


Malagrotta Crucis March Militia (Regular/Reliable)[15]

- At this point in time the Militia was a light-weight unit operating at just below half-strength, and was based on Malagrotta.[15]


Malagrotta CrMM (Green/Questionable)[16]


Malagrotta Crucis March Militia (Green/Questionable)[10][11]


Malagrotta Crucis March Militia (1 Regiment/Green/Questionable)[2]

  • CO: Lieutenant General Andrew Grundy

Malagrotta CMM Aerospace Wing (1 Wing/Regular/Reliable)[2]

  • CO: Lieutenant General Hannah Goodheart

Malagrotta CMM Armor Brigade (2 Regiments/Green/Questionable)[2]

  • CO: Lieutenant General Jess Hoskins

Malagrotta CMM Infantry Brigade (5 Regiments/Green/Questionable)[2]

  • CO: Lieutenant General Mervyn Wahwhani


Malagrotta Crucis March Militia (Regular/Reliable)[12]

  • CO: Major General Raul Jimenez Besoba

Malagrotta CrMM Aerospace (Wing/Veteran/Reliable)[12]

Malagrotta CrMM Armor Brigade (Veteran/Fanatical)[12]

  • CO: Leftenant General Yevgenyi Slavin

Malagrotta CrMM Infantry Brigade (Regular/Reliable)[12]

  • CO: Leftenant General Chris Giraud


Malagrotta Periphery March Militia LCT (Green/Questionable)[13]

  • CO: Leftenant General Otis Allende

Malagrotta PMM Aerospace (Wing/Green/Reliable)[13]

  • CO: Colonel Felda Hoffmann

Malagrotta PMM Armor Brigade (Regular/Questionable)[13]

  • CO: Leftenant General Alden Batting

Malagrotta PMM Infantry Brigade (Green/Reliable)[13]

  • CO: Leftenant General Lotte Fischer


Malagrotta PMM (1 Battalion/Green/Questionable)[9]

  • CO: Leftenant General Lilia Briggs

Malagrotta PMM Aerospace Wing (Regular/Questionable)[9]

Malagrotta PMM Armor Brigade (Green/Questionable)[9]

  • CO: Leftenant General Rhett Johns

Malagrotta PMM Infantry Brigade (Green/Reliable)[9]

  • CO: Leftenant General Myrtie Dellinger




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