Marlena Stockheart


Marlena Stockheart (Born ???? - ????) was a reporter working for SBC One during the Jihad. Following the campaign by Group IV of the Lyran front of Operation SCOUR that saw Phecda liberated but Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner crippled and his son, Gregory Kelswa-Steiner promoted to lead Group IV, Stockheart was given the opportunity to interview the Duke.[1]

The Duke made a point of highlighting that Gregory Kelswa-Steiner's performance to date and his grasp of matters such as logistics and strategy as a part of Operation SCOUR had attracted praise from many quarters, including saKhan Ivan Kerensky, the Duke's second in command. The Duke also discussed the loss of his leg, evading the question of whether he would ultimately obtain a cybernetic replacement, and confirmed his reasons for stepping down from command of the Lyran front while pointing out that he would remain a part of the command staff.[1]



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