Marta Kinsolving

Marta Kinsolving (b. 3??? - d. 3???) is CEO of Mirach based AllWorldComm and a member of the Mirach Business Association.

Character Biography[edit]

With the collapse of the HPG network, she, like every company on the planet, had to lay off some of her workers. With the massive layoffs that were going on around the planet, rioting and protests were happening all over the place. Due to this reason, she and the other leaders of the MBA started to refit some of their IndustrialMechs with military capabilities to protect their property. They had to do this quietly, because the philosophy of the governor, Sergio Ortega, forbids violence of any kind, and the Legate would scream rebellion if it was found out that the MBA was creating their personal security force.[1]

To help alleviate the issue of high unemployment on the planet, she proposed a plan to not only get more people working, but also to create a version of the HPG network but only for the planet. That way information anywhere on the planet, as well as communications, can be instantaneous. The project is called Span-net, and the only one who is not enthralled with this plan is Elora Rimonova, who would lose her control over information if anyone can get it when they want it.[2]

When envoy Parsons returns to the planet bringing an Atlas BattleMech, he asks Marta to take control of the 'mech and use it how she wants. She contacts the imprisoned governor who tells her that she knows what he would if he had control. She told Parsons that the Atlas should go into the city and restore order, with as little violence as possible.[3]

Later, she was told by Parsons that there was a reasoning behind her getting control of the 'mech and not anyone else. The Ortegas were already loyal to The Republic over their loyalty to the Lord Governor, the Legate was being controlled by Elora who in turn was trying to take over the planet and give it Kal Radick and his Steel Wolves. She on the other hand, was shaky in her loyalty for The Republic and her loyalty to her company. If she chose her loyalty to the company she would sooner or later put her lot in with Jacob Bannson. Since she chose to protect the city, it showed that she is just as loyal to The Republic as any of its citizens.[4]


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