MechWarrior: Technology of Destruction

Technology of Destruction.jpg
MechWarrior: Technology of Destruction
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Jordan Weisman
Primary writing Randall N. Bills
Pages 68
Publication information
Publisher WizKids
Product code WIZ 2807
First published 2004
ISBN-10 1590411277
Era Dark Age era


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From the back cover[edit]

Thundering across battlefields of a hundred future worlds, BattleMechs are the kings of combat in the MechWarrior universe. These colossal war machines are explored here in amazing detail. Richly illustrated with beautiful computer-rendered images of BattleMechs, weapons and vehicles. Technology of Destruction takes you inside the hardware, warfare and politics driving the conflicts that span the star empires of the MechWarrior universe.


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