Meier-Star Agency

Meier-Star Agency is the leading interstellar tour and shipping company within Lyran Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance. [1]

Meier-Star: From A Place to Zwipadze, we'll get you there! [2]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: MeStAg [1]

Home Office: Tharkad City, Tharkad [1]

CEO Michaud d'Torino [1]


Though its main headquarters are on Tharkad and Donegal, the Meier-Star Agency has subsidiaries on nearly every major world within both the Lyran realm and (following the era of the Federated Commonwealth) the Federated Suns to support the eighteen well-maintained DropShip passenger liners, twenty freighters and twelve JumpShips of the combined Meier-Star Tours and Meier-Star Shipping fleets, bolstered with contracts with several more JumpShip and DropShip companies throughout Lyran territory. All these assets have secured Meier-Star a significant portion of the Lyran interstellar civilian tourism and commercial shipping markets.[1]

Operating in the luxury and business travel markets, thanks to a close working relationship with Alliance-Grand Hotel Interstellar, Meier-Star Tours of Tharkad is able to offer complete vacations where passengers travel and stay in the total luxury that only a proven leader in the industry can provide. While less flashy though no less important to the company's bottom line, Meier-Star Shipping based out of Donegal likewise has a commanding presence in the commercial and industrial freight shipping markets in the Lyran realm.[1]

The fighting during the Word of Blake Jihad would both directly and indirectly impact Meier-Star's passenger and cargo lines as interstellar travel came under increasing attack, most notably the company's loss of a Star Lord-class JumpShip and six luxury DropShips, destroyed by the WoBS Dawning Horizon during an unsuccessful attempt to bypass the Blakist blockade of Solaris VII.[3]


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